Meet Chelsea

Chelsea is a law student and blogger. The child of two Gator alumni, Chelsea was destined to be educated at the University of Florida. At UF, as she developed her academic and career intentions, she harnessed her natural willingness to learn and paired it with a desire to even the social playing field.

She is dedicated to using the most effective methods and media for reaching underrepresented populations and informing them about health and legal developments that are important to their lives. Chelsea is researching intellectual property ownership in minority communities and developing a project to bridge this gap and overcome this barrier to medical and pharmaceutical intervention. In her legal studies, Chelsea has focused her studies on intellectual property and entrepreneurship and the reputational effect litigation has on largely visible entities.

Chelsea plans to work as a venture capital professional blending law and tech with communication and public affairs.

Chelsea was born in Florida and grew to be the bookworm that was friends with everyone. She taught herself to play the piano, classically trained in the string bass and curated a love for watching and playing sports. When she is not studying, Chelsea enjoys artistic activities and curating a full lifestyle.